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Doing electrical work is more than a job. It is so much more than just knowledge of code. People care greatly about their homes. There is history and memories in our homes.  Dreams and aspirations in our buildings. It takes skill and attention to detail in order to have an electrical project happen properly.  The entire process of developing a plan and then executing it is very enjoyable. Also the simple fact that no job ever ever goes according to plan is fascinating to me. The state of mind for doing electrical work is very simply a moment by moment process state of mind. Ever-changing and evolving. Anything but routine.

Inviting a unknown stranger into your home or business can be a intimidating thing. It can be downright frightening. For many of the larger electrical shops, You have no idea who is going to show up. Not all electricians communicate all that very well. I feel that communication is one of the most important aspects of my job. As far as I'm concerned the job begins before I even get in my truck. How I park my truck is important. How I walk up to the door is important. How I knock on the door is important.  How far I stand away from the door is important. These are all things that if done properly can help others feel more comfortable with me working in their home or business.

One thing that is a bit unfortunate is that I am just a small electrical shop. Only myself and my apprentice work together. Our scheduled does fill up rather quickly. Part of the reason why our schedule fills up so quickly is due to the fact that I will never work more than one job at a time. I hear so many horror stories of an electrician being on a jobsite for just a few hours a day every day for two or three weeks and getting very little done in that time. It is appalling to me to think that someone would load and unload their truck every day and go to multiple jobs every day. I will not start another project until the one that I am currently working on is completely finished. One of the great pleasures of working for oneself is that you make your own schedule. I have the power to make either heaven or hell for myself. Unfortunately due to bad planning on their parts many other electricians choose the latter for themselves and unfortunately their customers are dragged along as well. I feel that this is a big disservice to everyone.

There is something Beautiful about an electrical project done properly. Even if it is something as simple as changing a switch for someone in their kitchen. Showing up, taking care of others and letting others take care of you is what it means to be a human being. Once I am done with the project how I pack my tools up in my truck is very important. How I park my truck in my own driveway is very important. As far as I am concerned that day's work isn't done until long after I turn off the engine. 
Article from Wisconsin Real Estate Website about Scott Kiel Electric:

I have been an electrician my entire life. My father was an electrician and ran his own electrical business. My grandfather was an electrician and ran his own electrical business. My great-grandfather was an electrician and ran his own electrical business. I have done nothing else my entire life. By the age of seven I was working on job sites picking up tools and installing outlets. My dad would drop me off on job sites in order to install outlets from a very early age. I was working my own jobs by age 13. By age 16 I had my own work truck. I still remember the satisfaction of the first house that I ever wired passed inspection with no problems. When I finished with high school I was fascinated with computers. I thought it would be great to become a electrical engineer. I went to school with this goal for about three years. During this time of my older friends we're finishing school and entering the work force. I began to realize that electrical engineer actually spent a lot of time in cubicles and didn't get to stretch their legs much. I dropped out at that time and went back to working as an electrician full time. This was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I have never looked back since.

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